BrainGym for Pocket PC

Exercise your brain with these four cool games

Train your brain with 4-in-1 game. Train your logical skills with Sudoku, Pentamino and Cube. Get comics rewards for solving the puzzles.


Play thousands logic solvable sudoku puzzles. Game built for logic training. Even easy puzzles will force you to think, not just clicking and placing numbers. The goal of the game is to solve the 9x9 cell grid of numbers, so that each row, column and 3x3 cell block contains numbers 1 through 9.


  • Most suitable interface for solving sudoku
  • Real sudoku puzzles
  • 4 puzzle difficulties
  • Hint options
  • Pencil modes (simple and smart)
  • Quick Load/Save option
  • Auto save on exit
  • Drawing mode (to place visual marks on puzzle)
  • Small number crossing option
  • Undo option
  • Create own puzzles (e.g. from newspapers)


Improve your geometrical logic with this game. The goal is to place 12 predefined figures on game field so they form a particular big figure.


  • Over 30 original figures to solve
  • Undo option


Improve your 3D geometry logic with color cube solving game. Play classic game to solve the mixed cube and puzzle game to solve a normal cube into one of the color patterns.


  • Nice 3D look
  • Use stylus to rotate cube
  • Over 30 original puzzle patterns to solve
  • Integrated help with desription of method of cube solving
  • Quick Load/Save option
  • Auto save on exit


Try your logic skill with this challenging logic game based on famous Einstein task. The goal of the game is to solve the grid with cards (like Sudoku). To assist you the game gives you some rules of cards relations to each other. All rules will help you solve the puzzle. The game is more interesting than sudoku.


  • 3 difficulties
  • Help on rules for solving puzzle
  • Auto save

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